The financial management solution for influencer agencies

With Zexel, automate the management of the administrative processes of contracting, invoices and payments of your campaigns, saving time and money.

The ideal solution for agencies with a portfolio of influencers that work recurrently on their campaigns.

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Zexel believes in the scalability of your agency

It’s easy to track with Excel for a few influencer marketing campaigns, but…

Automate the process of contracts, invoices and payments in one click!

No more tedious manual processes

  • Optimize contract management
  • Streamlines the processes of payments and invoices
  • Simplify the control of your campaigns
  • Save hours of work and money

Find out what Zexel Workspace
can do for you

Save weekly hours of administrative work.
Generate and validate documents in record time.


Generate and view all campaign invoices and their status: pending, approved and paid. Filter invoices by campaign and generate income and expense reports. Send invoices quickly and easily, associated with each campaign.

Administrative management of campaigns

Centralise all the administrative activities of your campaigns, directly access contracts and invoices filtered by campaign, schedule upcoming campaigns and receive notifications about the start and end of the process.

CRM influencers

Invite influencers to join the team and centralise the historical tracking of influencers in your portfolio.

CRM customer

Register your customers, including their contact, fiscal and contractual details. Create contracts and send invoices easily, while centralising the historical tracking of your customers.

Contract management

Speed up the process of negotiating influencer campaigns in minutes. Create new contracts using customised templates or upload existing contracts. Segment and centralise deals by associated campaign.

Centralized administrative processes by campaign

Get control of the status of processes such as contract signature, invoice status and tracking of upcoming campaigns.

Zexel Workspace,
your trusted financial manager

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Spend more time on your influencer marketing strategies. Zexel will take care of the paperwork and tedious day-to-day management.

Spend more time on your strategies,
while Zexel Workspace does the paperwork

Zexel Workspace
for influencer marketing agencies

Choose the plan that best suits your needs

Basic Plan

1 Agency + 5 Influencers

* 30€ Monthly + IVA
  • 30 day trial period
  • Administrative management by campaign
  • IRM: Influencers management
  • CRM: Customer management
  • Contract management
  • Invoive management
  • Management of payments
  • Historical

Advanced Plan

1 Agency + 15 Influencers

* 70€ Monthly + IVA
  • 30 day trail period
  • Basic Plan
  • Increase management to 15 influencers

Premium Plan

1 Agency + 40 Influencers

* 150€ Monthly + IVA
  • 30 day trial period
  • Basic Plan
  • Increase management to 40 influencers
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