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The ultimate solution to receive your payments legally

Creadores de contenido recibiendo su pagos con Zexel Pay

Don't let an invoice limit your growth as a content creator

Transitioning from receiving free products to receiving payments for your collaborations can be a challenge, especially when you live in a country where bureaucracy complicates everything.

Furthermore, the moment when brands request invoices for your work and you are unsure if it’s worth registering as self-employed can become a real headache. For these reasons, we created Zexel Pay.

With Zexel Pay, brands can send you payment for your collaborations, and we will issue the corresponding invoices on your behalf. This way, you can receive your payments directly into your bank account or through Amazon gift cards, all legally.

How does Zexel Pay work?

Paso 1 Z Pay

Request payment
for your collaboration

Add the brand or agency’s email and amount to be requested.

Paso 2 Z Pay

Brand accepts, pays, and receives an invoice

The brand makes the payment and receives an invoice on your behalf.

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Receive payment
for your content

How to payout creators with Zexel Pay

The platform pays you.

How can you receive your payments?

Wire transfer

You must have a verified VAT or CIF

Tarjeta de regalo Amazon con Z Pay

Amazon gift card

You must have an Amazon account

Do you need to register as self-employed in Spain?

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How can you obtain a verified VAT or CIF on your own?

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Do you have any question?

In our frequently asked questions section (FAQ), you can find all the answers, or if you prefer, schedule a meeting for assistance.

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