1. Visit https://pay.zexel.io/  
  2. Create an account. 
    • Enter your email and select the mode for your account ‘Creator: Receive payment’. 
    • Accept the terms and conditions and click ‘Register’. 
  3. Verify your email. 
    • Copy the verification code received in the email into the corresponding field: ‘verification code’. 
      Email verification is essential to ensure the provided information is accurate and to receive important communications regarding your transactions. 
    • Set a password: 
      • At least 8 characters, including uppercase and lowercase letters. 
      • At least one number and one symbol. 
        A secure password is vital to protect your account and associated financial information. 
    • Accept the terms and conditions of service. 
    • Click ‘Join Zexel Pay’. 
  4. Read and accept the terms and conditions of service. 
  5. Once logged, visit the ‘My Profile’ section to complete it and verify your identity: 
    *Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory
    • Complete your personal details
      These details are necessary to comply with legal requirements and ensure a seamless payment experience. 
    • Complete your tax and billing information
      These details are necessary to comply with legal requirements and ensure a smooth payment experience. 
    • Select your profile option: individual or legal entity
      This distinction is crucial to tailor the platform to your specific needs and ensure the security and legality of transactions. Here’s why we ask for this information and its importance: 
      • Individual: We request this distinction to identify if you are a unique individual, a person. 
        Knowing if you are an individual allows us to personalize your experience on Zexel Pay and adjust payment options and account settings according to your individual needs. Additionally, certain legal and security requirements may vary depending on the account type. 
      • Legal Entity: When you select “legal entity,” you indicate that you represent a legally constituted entity, such as a company, organization, or society. 
        For legal entities, there are specific requirements and considerations regarding billing, taxes, and regulations. By informing us that you are a legal entity, we can tailor Zexel Pay functionalities to comply with these regulations and ensure a smooth and secure business operation. 
    • Click ‘Save Changes’
  6. Upload a high-quality photo of your identification document
    • Valid documents for this purpose are: 
      • Passport 
      • National ID Card 
      • DNI or NIE 
      • Other
        We request this document to verify your identity and ensure the security of all transactions on Zexel Pay. 
    • Click ‘Save Changes’. 
  7. Self-employment certificate (optional): 
    • If you are registered as self-employed, a sole trader, or a freelancer, upload the document accrediting it. This will enable the option of payment via bank transfer. 
    • If you are NOT registered as self-employed, a sole trader, or a freelancer, no worries, this document is not mandatory.  
    • Click ‘Save Changes’. 
  8. Complete the details of the default bank account. 
    • To receive your payment via bank transfer, include: 
      • Bank name 
      • Account number 
      • IBAN code 
      • SWIFT or BIC code (an alphanumeric series of 8 or 11 digits, which you can find by searching the internet for your bank’s name). 
    • Click ‘Save Changes’. 

Once all the data is completed and documents attached, Zexel will begin the verification process. You will be notified of the result on the Zexel Pay platform and by email. Once your account is verified, you can start creating your own payment requests.