1. Visit https://pay.zexel.io/  
    2. Create an account.
      1. Enter your email and select the mode for your account Client: Send a payment. 
      2. Accept the terms and conditions and click ‘Register’. 
    3. Verify your email. 
      1. Copy the verification code received in the email into the corresponding field: ‘verification code’. 
        Email verification is essential to ensure the provided information is accurate and to receive important communications regarding your transactions. 
      2. Set a password:
        1. At least 8 characters, including uppercase and lowercase letters. 
        2. At least one number and one symbol. 
          A secure password is vital to protect your account and associated financial information. 
      3. Accept the terms and conditions of service. 
      4. Click ‘Join Zexel Pay.
    4. Once logged in, we encourage you to visit theMy profile’ section to complete it and smooth the onboarding process. 
      *Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. 

    NOTE FOR MANAGERS: To create a Manager user, you will need to contact us at hello@zexel.io to help you set up your Manager account and related clients. 

    We will need the next information:  

    • The email address for your manager user.  
    • The email addresses of your related clients, for us to make the connections between profiles.