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A consolidated invoice for all the creators

A consolidated invoice is a way to simplify the invoicing and payout process in influencer marketing by consolidating the payouts for multiple content creators into a single invoice.

This can help save time and money for brands and agencies as they don’t have to issue separate invoices for each campaign.

With a consolidated invoice, brands and agencies can easily track the expenses and payouts for these campaigns. This can help ensure that all payouts are made on time and that all agreements are fulfilled.

Responsables de marketing y finanzas agilizando sus procesos de facturación con Zexel Pay.

General operations in influencer marketing campaigns

Operaciones generales en campañas de influencer marketing

General operations in influencer marketing campaigns

Traditional flow for invoice approval and payout processing

Flujo tradicional para la aprobación de facturas y envío de pagos​

Traditional flow for invoice approval and payment processing

Reduce 4 months of manual work to just 1 day

Simplify Invoice management for massive campaigns with UGC Creators

With Zexel Pay, eliminate:

Gráfico que muestra cómo un Financial Manager puede simplificar el pago a múltiples influencers con una factura consolidada.

No more requests for individual invoices

Obtaining, reviewing, and approving invoices from content creators are manual tasks that can take up a lot of your time.

With Zexel Pay, you no longer have to request invoices from creators. Now you can request payment for a group of creators and receive a consolidated invoice for the entire operation.

Gráfico que muestra el proceso de facturación en influencer marketing con Zexel Pay

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